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"Hometown" - by Doc Yates

Make a make donation by purchasing the song below and you will be supporting the Ingamo Homes.

This song is about the trials and tribulations endured by Doc's hometown Woodstock and the surrounding communities.  Though song writing usually comes very naturally and quickly for Doc, "Hometown" actually took several years to write.  "I wanted to write a song that captured the energy of Woodstock.   A perfect blend of farming meets factory.  Country music but with some grit!" says Doc. 
"I had started writing this song in 2009 and then with everything that happened to Tori Stafford it froze me.  It really weighed on my heart and I was shocked that something so terrible could happen to a kid in our community.  I started working on the song again when I decided to open a clinic in Woodstock, as I was driving back and forth a lot from Ottawa and I do most of my writing while I am driving.  Then everything started coming out in the news about the teen suicides, and then CAMI factory layoffs.  The town really needed a boost to get back on its feet."
Doc plans on releasing this song and hosting a concert to raise money for the Ingamo Homes in Woodstock.  It is a non-profit organization committed to ending violence in the lives of women and children.  When things turn south in a community it is too frequent that you see the negative impacts effecting kids and Doc wants to try and support them during these times. 
"This is an issue that I saw a lot affecting the community around my office in Ottawa after the economy went flat in 2008, during that time I raised money for the Chrysalis House in Kanata.  Now I need to give something back to my hometown, as it gave me so much growing up!"

....“Four Fingers of Whiskey.” This song could be the break-out hit of the album with a table turning from love to recovering from a love lost. It's something many people can identify with and was a solid stage for the band’s style, rock roots and just a bit of the hard metal blues. The band is all over the place at times and that’s what seems to work so well for them. 

“Shakem Down” takes the band back to a very classic rock feel with an undertone of rock legends from the ’60s with again enough country to be slightly different. I am not sure where this one fits but I just know I liked the song. 

“Hard Road Home” was more country than most of the other songs; it seemed like something you may hear from a classic Garth Brooks album or the like....

...“All That I Needed” was a true bluegrass meets classic rock song that gave the listener yet another side of the band. This was my favorite song on the album just for the interesting vocals and the pace of the song. It was familiar yet different in a way that works for this band. “Closer” was a fitting end to the set and I looked forward to hearing more from the band....


If there’s any hope that someone could bridge the gap between alt-country and pop-country it may lie with Doc Yates and the Kings Evil. On their upcoming record Sweat It Out, Yates and company mix a country sound with blues, classic and hard rock influences to craft a record that will have something for anyone without feeling dishonest or unoriginal. It may be one of the only country rock records that mixes parts Rolling Stones, Nirvana and modern sounds like Hey Rosetta among others.

There’s a bright opening to the album on “Blue Skies, Green Eyes” with a heavy and warm bass, mixed with powerful harmonies. Together they create a song that’s not just catchy but emotionally powerful, and with enough depth to push it beyond a simple song. “These Shoes” goes into a fast country shuffle, filled with vicious solos, pumping bass, and a sad love story to drive it all.

The light touch that opens “Daisy” is dropped for a pounding rock sound in every chorus, with intensity taking the wheel. The track does find a balance between the two in the remaining verses to help the album feel consistent. “Four Fingers of Whiskey” plays like a swamp-country take on “Sympathy For The Devil” mixed with a dark tale of drinking and debauchery. The track doesn’t let up after its intro, only pausing for dynamic vocal breaks that make their choruses even more gripping.

The hardest rock comes on “Shakem Down” with enough distortion to make it easy to forget the country tone the album carries, despite this however the track is a solid rock track, if a little straightforward at times. Fun and swing are high on “Hard Road Home” making  a love song with a euphoric mix of rhythm and melodies for a very enjoyable track.

“First Dance” takes things even more sombre for a soft and intimate track, with tender vocals and lyrics that will melt listeners like butter. The quaint little solo and the subtle backing vocals really set the track as the album’s emotional best. Taking some notes from classic rock, Yates goes for the held back intro on “All That I Needed.” Once the song kicks in the blues-rock’s solid groove and distorted harmonica enough to push it past a typical chord progression.

Yates has one last surprise on “Closer (Until We Meet Again),” with a higher sense of sonic sophistication than the rest of the record, and more variation in dynamics as well. The track finds Yates stretching his vocals and writing technique for a solid and impressive closer.

Artist of the Month: Doc Yates


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Raised in the country outside of Woodstock, ON, Doc Yates grew up living the life that we hear about in our favourite songs. And that life is reflected in his own music as Yates paves his way in the industry.

Now in Ottawa, and having developed his own sound – labeled Soul Country, Yates and the Kings Evil are dedicated to making their music the way they want to and the results are a whole lot of fun. Tracks like Four Fingers Of Whiskey and All That I Needed are great listens (find them on his website now), combining lyrics and musicianship to make toe-tapping songs that will make you want more.

And more is coming…

Doc Yates is working on his first full length album, to be released to Canadian country radio, and hopes to have you listening as you drive through Ontario. And while the album will showcase a selection of songs from Yates, he still has dozens of songs written and ready.

In fact, he may just write one today if he has to get in the truck and drive.

“If I am driving 2 hours or more, then I will most likely have a song done by the time I arrive.” - Doc Yates

Yates continues to work on music videos, the studio process for his new album, and his songwriting, knowing that the work is the process. He’s embraced it, keeps pushing, and we’ll be ready when it’s time to listen.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, keep your eyes open for Doc Yates shows near you and follow him through his social media updates for details about his new music, new videos, live performances and more!

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