Doc Yates

Doctor by day...  Soul Country Front Man by night!


Doc  Yates was  raised on a small  farm in the outskirts of Woodstock Ontario, brought up on a road where three generations of the Yates family has been born and raised.  Doc is actually Dr. Seth Yates BSc. N.D. and is the owner of the Yates Naturopathic Clinic with 4 locations. 

Though Doc came into music late in life, he quickly made the decision to play his music, his way. In a time where few artists write or play their own music, Doc strives to keep his unique sound and lyrical writing real and authentic. 

His songs are inspired by his experiences, his country upbringing and the stories of joy and loss that he hears from his patients everyday . 
Most of his music has a rootsy blues undertone with a country twist, a sound that Doc has labelled Soul Country.




This song is about the trials and tribulations endured by Doc's hometown Woodstock and the surrounding communities.  Though song writing usually comes very naturally and quickly for Doc, "Hometown" actually took several years to write.  "I wanted to write a song that captured the energy of Woodstock.   A perfect blend of farming meets factory.  Country music but with some grit!" says Doc. 
"I had started writing this song in 2009 and then with everything that happened to Tori Stafford it froze me.  It really weighed on my heart and I was shocked that something so terrible could happen to a kid in our community.  I started working on the song again when I decided to open a clinic in Woodstock, as I was driving back and forth a lot from Ottawa and I do most of my writing while I am driving.  Then everything started coming out in the news about the teen suicides, and then CAMI factory layoffs.  The town really needed a boost to get back on its feet."
Doc plans on releasing this song and hosting a concert to raise money for the Ingamo Homes in Woodstock.  It is a non-profit organization committed to ending violence in the lives of women and children.  When things turn south in a community it is too frequent that you see the negative impacts effecting kids and Doc wants to try and support them during these times. 
"This is an issue that I saw a lot affecting the community around my office in Ottawa after the economy went flat in 2008, during that time I raised money for the Chrysalis House in Kanata.  Now I need to give something back to my hometown, as it gave me so much growing up!"