1. Daisy
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I've lived in small towns and in Toronto
Ive worked in white coats and rubbers boots
Smilin' inside as I wonder
and I wander back to you

Cause you are my sunshine
You’re my skies of blue
Daisy, you make me crazy
I want nothin, except for you

Daisy Daisy it wasn't always easy
So pour me a drink and I’ll play you a tune
Its crazy, crazy but you know how to please me
When you play me down easy I’m over the moon

Ive questioned great minds, Ive screamed and hollered
Deceived by kind words but still stayed true
So I sit still and I ponder
Satisfied, just thinkin' of you


I don’t feel like talkin' and we’ve settled this score
So baby just rock me like you used to before
We’ll sway without stoppin’ to the creak of the floor
Baby just rock me then rock me some more

Chorus x2